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The Synergy Effect - The Advisor’s Guide: The fact is today, market losses, uncertainty, low interest earnings, coupled with predictable changes in taxation, threatens spendable income and in most cases crimps it all the way.

Traditional financial planning simply doesn't address how the world has changed, and in fact, continues to reject the only products and methods that have a chance of providing a stable and secure amount of spendable income lasting throughout a person's entire lifetime. This puts millions of future retirees in jeopardy.

Only the life insurance and annuity professional who fully understands IULs and income annuities, plus Roth-Ira conversions, and the profound impact they can have on reducing Social Security taxation and boosting spendable income can do the job that millions of baby boomers need done.

Read this book and you will learn about an innovative, integrated strategy that will make the insurance and annuity professional the most important member of the retirement planning team.


Indexed Universal Life Unleashed: The book that rattled retirement funding forever! The agent's complete guide to unleashing the power of the greatest wealth accumulation vehicle of our time.

Boomers are retiring at the clip of over 10,000 a day, and need to max their investments and savings to make it through retirement — especially in the face of huge looming tax hikes. Now — just in time — they (and you!) have the greatest wealth accumulation vehicle for anyone who is averse to market risk and has a need for life insurance (which is just about everyone) in IULs.

In this book Doug simplifies complex strategies to show you how to unleash the wealth building power of IULs to help your clients enjoy the retirement with dignity they deserve.

It's all here and more in a 168 page quick read that gets you up to speed fast and gives you the confidence to start showing your clients why IULs just might be the perfect product for our uncertain times.


The Great Roth IRA Rush: There are trillions and trillions of dollars in IRAs and 401(k)s. More than the total market value of all publicly traded U.S. stocks.

On January 1, 2010 the tax laws changed and most of the restrictions on who could convert to tax-free income disappeared. Now millions of prospective clients are asking! “Should I convert?“

Clients need help. And advisors who take the time to become knowledgeable on Roth IRA conversions will be in a prime position to expand their clientele.

An enormous wealth of information on Roth-IRA conversions has been packed into this 147 page book. It's filled with easy to understand information on technical aspects, as well as the practical application of Roth IRA conversion strategies.

This is a must read for any financial professional who works with clients who have a concern that future tax rate increases might negatively impact retirement security or the legacy they intend to pass on to their heirs.


Advanced Annuity Strategies: Now you can “eavesdrop” as some of the nation's top annuity professionals reveal the strategies they use to build their business and help their clients.

This ultimate insider's handbook is the result of hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with over 50 of top financial professionals. You get 198 pages worth of proven tactics used by industry leaders.

You'll not only learn strategies for positioning annuities to make a client's future more secure, you'll also discover numerous techniques for communicating those strategies in ways that will help you obtain more clients. Marketing is the key to growing your business and this book is loaded with ideas and strategies that you can start using right now.