Introducing the Synergy Effect
Retirement Income Planning for the Advisor

$29 (includes shipping)

A revolutionary strategy that connects and combines Social Security claiming strategies with IULs, Annuities, and Roth IRAs to boost spendable retirement income in a way traditional planning can’t.

One of the newest and hottest topics in the financial services industry is helping clients understand and maximize their future Social Security benefits. This can be a great way to help clients boost “gross” retirement income. But what clients really want is a way to boost after-tax spendable income. As a life insurance agent and annuity professional, you are the only person with the right products that, when combined properly with the right Social Security strategy, can boost income and slash taxes.

Traditional Financial Planning is Broken

When clients seek retirement planning, they're typically presented with “old school” concepts and tactics. Tax deferred savings. Asset allocation. And a so-called “safe” withdrawal rate. Start them up and retirement's more secure, right?

Wrong. If the financial meltdown of 2008/09 proved anything, it was that clients aren't protected by traditional planning. And even when traditional planning does increase retirement income, it attracts hugh problems in the process. Like higher taxation.

The result? After taxes the high-gross-income retiree is left with a spendable portion that can't support his or her retirement dreams. If they withdraw more they increase taxes and run the risk of depleting their savings. The solution? "The Synergy Effect" that comes from your life insurance and annuity products when correctly combined with Social Security. CONTINUE